Generally, all my notes are directed to specific causes, like my dreams or thoughts.
This one is more about demons and experiences. And it demands publishing.

Holding on to my breath, I carry on along my way.

Am not alone, I have a lot of good friends. We party hard and enjoy harder. Share happiness and sorrows. We share lunch boxes and notes and secrets. Living life One thought at a time.

But in this cluster of mixed feelings, one spice is always missing. Something is always absent, and that void keeps me from completion.
Sadly, my greatest strength was missing. A great feeling that got buried deep down under the commotion of my daily life, Hope.
Some minor failures were getting the better of me. I was giving in to minor disappointments, and this very act was leading me towards more major losses.

So I would like to share with everyone that despair does not do good to anyone, I have been in that pit and back.
But now that I am aware of this treason inside, the old, original, ever-so-optimistic me is back!
Well, I have been putting up some conscious effort to maintain my attitude, and seems am doing good.



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There are times when we miss old friends.
One such night, when looking through the pages of an old diary, a word scribbled in a corner caught my attention. “Orchidaceous”, meaning : 1.related to orchids 2.showy.

Now the person that this word reminded me of, no doubt, an old friend, whom i haven’t met for over a year now, was fond of orchids. So I thought of capturing her essence, as I saw it, and the result, is this.



So much for memories of an old friend.


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Everyday is not equal.

In the life of an ordinary man, caught in the cobwebs of routine activities, we miss the spark of Life, presented as a deviation, a recluse, a refuge.

Whatever it may be, it is always there, to show us that we are  special, that we are, and will always be, a part of the crowd, yet unique in ourselves.

We get gloomy when we fail to catch this spark and to realize our own nature for too long, or when we crave for someone who could tap into our inner-selves, when we are willing to uncover it. Someone who could see through us, and yet hold us in their arms, like we will fade away with the wind if they let go.

This is how I crave for YOU.

Gameplay recording

Posted: October 2, 2010 in new life, tech-tricks

So i finally made this thing. And I would not advice anyone using Fraps, the 30 sec time limit drives one crazy.

Matte matey…

Posted: September 20, 2010 in ps, tech-tricks

Here is another sample i crafted out… took a full 20 minutes… 😀 Cheers!!


Posted: September 16, 2010 in new life, ps

I made this today during the “Project Training” hour… took about 15 minutes… Cheers!!

Between You & Me

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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here is a little something i wrote the other day…

Hey You,
you should know this….

Every man has a reason for survival, a reason for fighting, a reason to be reasonable and do what he deems right…
Now, when I look back at all that i have been doing lately, it seems I have been betraying all my reasons.

It seems like I dropped them somewhere in your pursuit.
Now could YOU please tell me if my pursuit was reasonable, for you?
Because that is something that could make everything reasonable, even the loss of all other reasons…


p.s. this is between YOU and ME… 😀