Archive for December 18, 2009

I found this video on my friend’s blog.

And then the thought occurred to me- is Mac truly worth it? At this cost?
Like most of the other people out there, am not talking about the monetary cost here, rather the feelings and ease that has been associated with a Windows PC for years.
I mean, Windows have been here for longer than most of those who use a system, be it any machine!!!
Even today, at basic level, children all over the globe, students, are taught to work on Windows machines, they lay their foundation with a Windows system, and this, i believe, is what creates a bond, a mindset, a feeling of oneness, that is enough for me to always keep Windows at hand.
Performance wise, no doubt Mac has scaled its own heights, but as they say, there are somethings money can’t buy… likewise, some things can’t be compared. The feeling of being at home, a home with Gates and without the walls, a home with Windows.

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