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Google SoC 2010

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Ahoy people!!

Its confirmed that Google SoC is on, and LH is doing a great job in keeping us updated.
Cheers to LH.
Checkout this to know more about the programme.


A song is a drug…

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, I doubt that a sleepless night can have a better companion than Boyzone or Ricky Martin. One such night, under the effect of  Private Emotions, i had scribbled something that i could no longer keep private.

We, humans, claim to be civilized, developed, and superior to other lifeforms, but most of the time, in a race of accomplishment, we overlook and underestimate what we have. This defect is common in mankind, irrelevant of age, sex, cast or creed. This ill is where mankind has sincere Unity!!

Anyways, here it goes…

Have you ever walked a thousand miles,
just to realize you haven’t advanced an inch?
Have you ever welcomed a million glares,
just to know they were to add to a pinch?
Have you ever run faster,
just to lag behind?
Have you ever killed yourself,
even in your mind?
Have you ever felt the need
to taste your own tears?
Have you ever wanted to bereft
your very own dears?
If yes, then come with me,
and i shall show thee…

A life where you are sure to die,
every now and then.
When no one knows what is to happen,
how, where or when.
A life where you will pray for death
with every single breath.
And to answer your beseeching,
death is sure to come, but only for the just.

A life less like life,
And you will know not what is to be done,
There will be one to show you light,
And no way to run.

And after seeing such darkness,
when you will crave for light,
That will be just the moment,
most valuable and bright.

Then you will know the value of life,
And importance of smile,
Only then, if you manage to come back,
You will never cry again…

Oh, how I wish I could get back every little thing that I have overlooked and lost in life, but again, wishing for them to return may land in the bind race again. Strange!!

The life, indeed, goes circles.

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